Winter Semester 2015/16

Core lecture (Stammvorlesung): Telecommunications I / Digital Transmission and Signal Processing (Nachrichtentechnik I / Digitale Übertragungstechnik & Signalverarbeitung)





Tu., 12:15−13:45

E1 3, 001

Literature, Lecture Notes, Manuscript

First lecture:
Tu., October 20th

We., 8:30−10:00

E1 3, 001

Literature, Lecture Notes, Manuscript

Fr., 8:30−10:00

C6 3, 9.08

Task Sheets

First Exercise:
Fr, October 30th

End of term exam:
18.02.2016 09:00−11:00

E1 3, HS001

2nd try final exam:
06.04.2016 10:00−12:00

E1 3, HS001

News & Organization


  • 22. Feb 2016: The grading is online (and can be found under news).
  • 04. Feb 2016: The last week will have a QA session on Tu, 9th Feb and there is no lecture on We, 10th Feb. Sample solution for task sheet 7 has been updated, as there was a mistake in the tutorial task.
  • 24. Nov 2015: Make sure you solve the task sheets with the latest version of the script (released in sync with the sheet).
  • 05. Nov 2015: A new version of the script is released with important additions for task sheet #2. The toolbox is updated, so that the convolution demo works again in 2015b.
  • 28. Oct 2015: We were ahead of time in releasing the task sheets. The due dates inside the documents are binding. Therefore the tutorials on 30th Oct and 6th Nov will be identical and both deal with MatLab.
  • 27. Oct 2015: Uploaded sheet #1, new MatLab toolbox (v2015.10.0).
  • 20. Oct 2015: Exercise group slot fixed to Friday 8:30 - 10:00. Uploaded first, non-mandatory task sheet (#0).
  • 19. Oct 2015: Uploaded new version of the Telecommunications Matlab Demo Suite (.mltbx format).
  • 08. Oct 2015: Lecture material is online, exercise schedule is fixed.
  • 15. Sept 2015: Registration is open.



Please register for the course here, besides the registration in HISPOS for the exam!

Please read and comply with the following rules and regulations:

TC1 - Introduction & organization (pdf)

Lecture Notes & Task Sheets

Click here for lecture material


Proakis, John G. and Salehi, Masoud: "Communications Systems Engineering", 2nd Edition, 2002, Prentice Hall, ISBN = {0-13-061793-8}

Oppenheim, Alan and Willsky, Alan: "Signals & Systems", 2nd Edition, 1997, Prentice Hall, ISBN = {0-13-814757-4}

Göbel, J.: "Kommunikationstechnik", Hüthig Verlag Heidelberg, 1999, ISBN = {3-82-665011-5}

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Papoulis, A.: "Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes", 1965, McGraw-Hill, ISBN = {0-07-119981-0}

Claude E. Shannon, Warren Weaver: "The Mathematical Theory of Communication", University of Illinois Press, 1963, ISBN = {0-25-272548-4}

Additional Material

SSUM Signals and Systems Using Matlab

The SSUM package is a collection of demonstrations and exploratory applications for signal processing programmed in MATLAB. It demonstrates extensively the concept of convolution, Fourier Analysis, FIR and IIR filters, modulation and much more. To use all examples the Matlab "Signal Processing Toolbox" is required, which is available in the MATLAB Campus License.

Contact Person

Andreas Schmidt