About the Lab 

Telecommunication is one of the fastest evolving technology domains. And these changes not only refer to especially wireless technologies (WiFi 6. 5G New Radio) but also to the content, which already today is dominated by video.

Consequently the Telecommunications Lab looks as well into the future of video content as into technologies to transmit such content wirelessly even under high mobility e.g. in automotive applications.

  • Existing and future wireless network technologies
    802.11ac, 802.11ax, 5G and their corresponding compliance frameworks are introduced, analysed and improved w.r.t. the goal of enabling predictable transmission quality for time critical data. A special focus is on predictability concerning latency and resilience and on reception even under very high mobility and speeds of several 100 km/h.
  • Existing and future video-coding technologies
    JPEG-PLENO and MPEG-I are the first approaches to standardize encoders for content beyond 2D video. Our light field research extends to encoding of so called 5D light fields in several, including backwards compatible ways.