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We offer the following courses every year:

  • Digital Transmission, Signal Processing (Core Lecture, 9CP)
    • Topics: Signal Processing, Digital Transmission, Error Correction
    • Recurrence: every Winter Semester
  • Audio-Visual Communication & Networks (Advanced Lecture, 9CP)
    • Topics: Multiple Access, MIMO, 5G
    • Recurrence: every Summer Semester
  • Media Internet (Advanced Lecture, 9CP)
    • Topics: Multimedia Transport
    • Recurrence: every Winter Semester
  • Hands-On Networking (Advanced Lecture, 6CP)
    • Topics: Network Design, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Application Development
    • Recurrence: every Spring Semester Break

For current courses please check our Courses on Moodle.

Between 2004 and 2020, we have offered the following courses.


Seminars covering upcoming trends in research and application are offered on a case-by-case basis. Check the announcements on this page regularly! 

Bachelor- and Master Theses

We offer bachelor as well as master theses. This also includes the respective seminars, which combine the preparation of a special research topic incl. structured literature research and state-of-the-art analysis with learning the documentation and presentation skills needed in every industrial or academic job. We strongly recommend that you attend one or more of our courses before applying for a thesis.

More details on the topics can be found here.

Research Immersion Labs

More details on Research Immersion Labs can be found here.