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Digital Transmission & Signal Processing #

Digital Signal Transmission and Signal Processing refreshes the foundation you have laid in “Signals and Systems / Signale und Systeme”.
To establish a strong foundation, the course will give an introduction into the various building blocks a modern telecommunication system incorporates. Sources, sinks, source and channel coding, modulation and multiplexing are the major keywords but we will also deal with dedicated concepts like A/D- and D/A-conversion and quantizers in a little bit more depth.

The course will refresh the basic transformations (Fourier, Laplace) that give access to system analysis in the frequency domain, it will introduce derived transformations (z, Hilbert) for the analysis of discrete systems and modulation schemes.
It will also introduce algebra on finite fields to systematically deal with error detection and correction schemes that play an important and ubiquitous role in modern communication systems. Since recent developments more and more incorporate neural networks into the arcitecture of telecommunication systems, we will also include an introduction to neural networks, their training and application in example applications from telecommunication.
The course will use this Interactive Manuscript