Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schmidt

Saarland Informatics Campus
Campus C6 3, Room 10.07

Tel.: +49 681 302-70870
Fax: +49 681 302-70857

I left the Telecommunications Lab in May 2020. If you want to stay in touch, reach me at my Personal Webpage.


Research Interests

  • Cyber-Physical Networks and Systems
  • Transmission Optimisation using Transparent Segmentation
  • Software-Defined Networking Technologies
  • Data Science for Networking Environments




Curriculum Vitae

  • PhD Student (Sep. 2015 – May 2020)
  • Researcher at the Telecommuncations Lab (Sep. 2015 – May 2020)
  • Acquired the Entrepreneurship Certificate at Saarland University (Jan. 2017 – Sep. 2018)
  • Master Student (Apr. 2014 – Aug. 2015)
  • Research/Teaching Assistant at the Telecommunications Lab (May 2013 – Aug. 2015)
  • Bachelor Student (Oct. 2011 – Mar. 2014)

Professional Activities

  • CPN 2020: Web-Chair, “2nd IEEE Workshop on Cyber-Physical Networking”, Las Vegas, 2020
  • SKILL 2019: PC Member, “Studierenden-Konferenz Informatik”, Kassel 2019
  • CPN 2019: Web-Chair, “1st IEEE Workshop on Cyber-Physical Networking”, Las Vegas, 2019
  • SKILL 2018: PC Member, “Studierenden-Konferenz Informatik”, Berlin 2018
  • SKILL 2017: Reviewer for “Studierenden-Konferenz Informatik”, Chemnitz 2017
  • JNCA 2017: Secondary reviewer for Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 2017
  • JNCA 2016: Secondary reviewer for Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 2016






Deep Adaptive Hybrid Error Coding Master Thesis Ashkan Taslimi
Multicast-Enabled Transport Layer Functions for Cyber-Physical Systems Research Immersion Lab Kai Vogelgesang





Visualization Tool for Control in Networked Cyber-Physical Systems Bachelor Thesis Sebastian Morgenstern
Real-time Video Streaming and Control for Drones in Cyber-Physical Networks Master Thesis Marlene Böhmer
Hybrid Error Coding for Cyber-Physical Networking Master Seminar Ashkan Taslimi
Visualization of Control in Networked Cyber-Physical Systems Bachelor Seminar Sebastian Morgenstern
Fast Transparent Transmission Segmentation with Kernel-Bypass Networking Bachelor Thesis Kai Vogelgesang
Network Protocol for Video Transport in Cyber-Physical Systems Master Thesis Lukas Bard
Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming on a Global Scale Master Thesis Pablo Pereira
Transparent Transmission Segmentation for Multimedia Applications Master Thesis Daniel Birtel
Throughput Estimation in Software-Defined Networks Bachelor Thesis Philipp Tennigkeit


A list of publications can also be found on my Google Scholar page and some of my publications are available as OpenAccess on arXiv.


  • Schmidt, Andreas; Gil Pereira, Pablo; Herfet, Thorsten: “Predictably Reliable Real-time Transport Services for Wireless Cyber-Physical Systems”, IFAC World Congress, Berlin, Germany, July 2020


  • Schmidt, Andreas; Reif, Stefan; Gil Pereira, Pablo; Hönig, Timo; Herfet, Thorsten; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang: “Cross-Layer Pacing for Predictably Low Age of Information”, 49th GI Annual Conference INFORMATIK, Kassel, Germany, September 2019
  • Schmidt, Andreas; Reif, Stefan; Gil Pereira, Pablo; Hönig, Timo; Herfet, Thorsten; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang: “Cross-layer Pacing for Predictably Low Latency”. 6th International IEEE Workshop on Ultra-Low Latency in Wireless Networks (ULLWN), Paris, France, April 2019
  • Gallenmüller, Sebastian; Glebke, René; Günther, Stephan; Hauser, Eric; Leclaire, Maurice; Reif, Stefan; Rüth, Jan; Schmidt, Andreas; Carle, Georg; Herfet, Thorsten; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang; Wehrle, Klaus: “Enabling wireless network support for gain scheduled control“. 2nd International Workshop on Edge Systems, Analytics and Networking (EdgeSys), Dresden, Germany, March 2019





  • Schmidt, Andreas; Herfet, Thorsten; Berg, Markus; Berns, Karsten; Christmann, Dennis; Giehl, Christian; Gotzhein, Reinhard; Ohmer, Moritz; Reichardt, Max: “Vertical Integration and Adaptive Services in Networked Production Environments” (Springer LNBIP), ERP Future, Munich, Germany, November 2015
  • “Network Traffic and Infrastructure Analysis in Software Defined Networks”, Master Thesis at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2015


  • “Interactive Visualization of Software Defined Networks”, Bachelor Thesis at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2013