Tobias Lange
Virtual View-rendering for Multi-view Video

Saarland Informatics Campus
Campus C6 3, Room 10.07

Tel.: +49 681 302-58158
Fax: +49 681 302-70857

Research Interests

  • Light-Field camera arrays
  • 5D-Light-Field productions
  • View Interpolation for Multi-View Video
  • Multi-View video capturing
  • Optimized Multi-View video streaming
  • Real-time Multi-View video processing
  • Quality measures for interpolated images


Running Theses




A generic deep-learning scheduling system Bachelor’s Thesis Pascal Hennen


Finished Theses




Optimized dynamic multi-view video streaming using view interpolation

Master’s Thesis

Pascal Straub

A fast H.264/MVC transcoder

Bachelor’s Thesis Kim Hao Josef Nguyen

Adaptive Control Infrastucture for Scalable Multi-View Camera Arrays

Master’s Thesis Frank Waßmuth
A hierarchical H.264/MVC encoder with full inter-view support Master’s Thesis Kim Hao Josef Nguyen

Analyzing current methods for view interpolation

Master’s Thesis Johannes Reuter
Extending Deep Convolutional Demosaicing to Camera Arrays Master’s Thesis Alexander Blatt


Teaching & Tutoring

  • WS 2013/2014
    • Main Seminar “OFDM for Wireless Communications”
  • SS 2014
    • Main Seminar “Digital Data Communications – Multiview Video Streaming”
  • WS 2014/2015
    • Future Media Internet (FMI)
  • WS 2016/2017
    • Future Media Internet (FMI)