Open Networking

The testbed at Saarland Informatics Campus aims to provide an environment for testing new networking technologies. In particular, Software Defined Networks and Open Source network software are our main field of research. As part of the Telecommunications Lab at Saarland Informatics Campus, we focus on transport of multimedia content and control signals and how multimedia internet applications as well as cyber-physical systems can be supported.

The testbed features wide-area-network (WAN) characteristics, as remote sites all across the globe are connected to it via VPN technology.

In order to create realistic and diverse environments, we are open for further partners to extend our network. For more information about our projects, or in case you want to join us, please send us a message.


Topology & Technology

Ubuntu 16.04, Open vSwitch, Floodlight, Ryu, Node.js, SaltStack

HP ProCurve 2920, Custom VPN Softswitch

OpenFlow, IPsec, L2TP, PTP, PRRT


The publications can also be found on Google Scholar.


  • Schmidt, Andreas; Reif, Stefan; Gil Pereira, Pablo; Hönig, Timo; Herfet, Thorsten; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang: “Cross-Layer Pacing for Predictably Low Age of Information”, 49th GI Annual Conference INFORMATIK, Kassel, Germany, September 2019
  • Schmidt, Andreas; Reif, Stefan; Gil Pereira, Pablo; Hönig, Timo; Herfet, Thorsten; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang: “Cross-layer Pacing for Predictably Low Latency”. 6th International IEEE Workshop on Ultra-Low Latency in Wireless Networks (ULLWN), Paris, France, April 2019






  • Karl, Michael; Herfet, Thorsten: “Transparent Multi-Hop Protocol Termination“, 28th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2014), Victoria, Canada, May 2014



Student Projects & Theses

  • Fast Transparent Transmission Segmentation with Kernel-Bypass Networking”
    Vogelgesang, Kai – Bachelor Thesis, April 2019
  • Network Protocol for Video Transport in Cyber-Physical Systems
    Bard, Lukas – Master Thesis, November 2017
  • Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming on a Global Scale
    Gil Pereira, Pablo – Master Thesis, August 2017
  • Transparent Transmission Segmentation for Multimedia Applications
    Birtel, Daniel – Master Thesis, January 2017
  • Throughput Estimation in Software-Defined Networks
    Tennigkeit, Philipp – Bachelor Thesis, December 2016
  • Optimized Wide Area Media Transport Strategies
    Karl, Michael – PhD Thesis, April 2015
  • Network Traffic and Infrastructure Analysis in Software Defined Networks
    Schmidt, Andreas – Master Thesis, May 2015Günter-Hotz-Medaille
  • GPU Support for Software Defined Network Controllers
    Theobald, Tobias – Bachelor Thesis, May 2014
  • Flow Optimization for concurrent Multimedia Traffic in Software Defined Networks
    Seiwert, Nicolas – Master Thesis, February 2014
  • Interactive Visualization of Software Defined Networks
    Schmidt, Andreas – Bachelor Thesis, December 2013 – FdSI-Bachelor-Preis
  • Auto detection and configuration of PRRT Coding Relays in OpenFlow Networks
    Wassmuth, Frank – Bachelor Thesis, May 2013
  • A PRRT Architecture for the OpenFlow Protocol Suite
    Wittefeld, Bernd – Master Thesis, June 2012

People and Partners

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg


SmartFactory KL


Linköping University


Manipal University


Helsinki Institute for Information Technology