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2024 - 2026
Saarland/Intel Joint Program
Future of Graphics and Media
2022 - 2025
DFG Project.
Resilient Power-Constrained Embedded Communication Terminals.
5G Campus Network
April 2021
Internal Project of the Telecommunications Lab.
The Saarland University’s 5G campus network for research and development.
2020 - 2023
DFG Project.
Illuminating the path through the challenges of next-gen visual media.
Energy-, Latency- And Resilience-aware Networking (e.LARN)
October 2016 - December 2022
Project in the DFG Priority Programme Cyber-Physical Networking (SPP 1914).
Transport channels for distributed cyber-physical systems.
Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments (SAUCE)
January 2018 - December 2020
European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme H2020 RIA, Grant No 780470.
Produce, pilot and demonstrate a set of professional tools and techniques that reduce the costs for the production of enhanced digital content.
Open Networking
2012 - 2016
Internal Project of the Telecommunications Lab.
Testbed for evaluateing new networking technologies.
Novel Scene Representations For Richer Networked Media (SCENE)
October 2011 - October 2014
European Commission Project FP7.
Scene Representation Architecture (SRA) and the Scene Renderer.
Predictably Reliable Real-time Transport (PRRT)
2011 - 2016
Internal Project of the Telecommunications Lab.
PRRT is a transport protocol that aims to provide predictable reliability and latency.
Former Projects
Previous Projects of the Telecommunications Lab.