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5G Campus Network

A 5G campus network is a local, private 5G network. At the moment it covers a part of the Saarland University’s campus in Saarbrücken for research and development use cases. It allows us to study the interaction of upper- and lower-layer protocols with a real-world setup and make empirical measurements. But in cooperation it can also be used as a tool in other research and development tasks.

Timeline #

  1. June 2023

    First tests with equipment installed in building E2 1.

  2. March 2023

    Electrical Installation at building E2 1 finished.

  3. September 2022

    5G Core is installed on the server.

  4. August 2022

    Radio Equipment arrives.

  5. March 2022

    Frequency Licence for using 3.7-3-8 GHz issued by "Bundesnetzagentur".

  6. February 2022

    Saarland University granted funding from the invest program.

  7. April 2021

    Project Start.

Publications #

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