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The dramatic increase in as well the spatial as the temporal resolution of current image sensors led to the desire to evolve the classical 2-dimensional (in case of motion pictures 3-dimensional) sampling raster, known and unchanged since the time of the camera obscura. Light fields, which capture an excerpt of the plenoptic function, play a significant role in those developments. Such light fields are described by a 4-dimensional (in case of motion pictures 5-dimensional) sampling raster.

FiDALiS aims at the ideal and dynamic adaptation of the 5-dimensional sampling raster to the content of the captured scene. All sensors resp. sensory systems have a limited data-rate (measured in rays / second) and hence the captured information content is highly dependent on the distribution of the rays over the 4 spatial plus the temporal coordinate. The project fundamentally investigates and describes this adaptive 5-dimensional sampling.

The source code can be accessed here and the developed dataset is available on Zenodo.

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