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Method and arrangement for correcting picture steadiness errors in telecine scanning

Publication by Berthold Eiberger, Arno Beckenbach, Kurt-Heiner Philipp, Andreas Low, Broder Wendland, Thorsten Herfet, Thomas Bonse, Wolfgang Paschedag, Thomas Leonard


A method of correcting picture steadiness errors (or film weave correction) in telecine scanning is proposed, in which, in a first step, at least one sample area of the picture contents of the video signal obtained by film scanning is determined by way of structure recognition, this sample area corresponding to a curvature in the picture contents. In a second step, it is checked, by way of comparison, whether the determined sample areas are recognizable in a search area of the sequential frame. In a third step, motion vector signals are generated when the sample areas are recognized again in the sequential frame, these motion vector signals defining the direction of motion and the extent of deviation of the position of the determined sample area from the position of the recognized sample area. In a fourth step, parameters of a transform function are determined by the motion vector signals. In a subsequent fifth step, motion vectors, which correspond to partial motions, are recognized and eliminated by comparing the transform function with the motion vectors. Steps four and five are performed several times, if necessary. In a sixth step, correction signals are derived by taking the temporal sequence of transform functions into account, and in a seventh step, these correction signals are applied to a control device, these correction signals correcting the stability errors in the picture signals.