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Representing and Presenting Digital 3D Scene Content

Publication by Christopher Haccius, Thorsten Herfet, Victor Matvienko
Related to the Novel Scene Representations For Richer Networked Media (SCENE) project
Published in Proceedings of the PROLIGHT Workshop 2013, 2013


This document presents a novel representation for digital 3D scene content. The representation is motivated by advances in realistic scene content renderings, which allow moving content distorting effects from acquisition time to the postprocessing stage. At the same time acquisition decisions can be modified in later processing stages. This features are enabled by a representation which stores not only visual content of a scene, but a multitude of additional information. As important as the representation is the presentation of the scene content. This is done by a renderer designed to fulfil the requirements this novel way of representation poses. Both, representation and renderer, present the core functionality enabling a novel and enhanced multimedia experience.