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A new motion adaptive PAL-Codec

Publication by Thorsten Herfet
Published in Signal Processing: Image Communication, 1993


The broad expansion of Standard PAL not only on the area of domestic receivers but especially within studioprocessing (mixing, recording, distribution, etc.) has led to a continuous development of PAL equipment. Today we find line- and fieldcomb-filter codecs in the studio and receivers with as well linecomb-filters as 100 Hz vertical deflection on the consumer market. The European introduction of high definition television will lead to a change of production parameters as the enhancement of aspect ratio from 4:3 (width:height) to 16:9 which with the introduction of the so called PALplus system will find their entry into conventional videoprocessing. This report describes an algorithm for the motion vector controlled suppression of cross-colour and cross-luminance that provides increased horizontal resolution up to the channel bandwidth and additionally is able to underlie sophisticated signal processing in the receiver as noise reduction, upconversion or slow motion.