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Image and video quality improvement techniques for emerging applications

Publication by Thorsten Herfet, Vladimir Lukin, Bogdan Smolka, Vladimir Zlokolica
Published in Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2012


Nowadays, new" digital" areas have brought in many new image and video applications and new technologies in different fields, such as biology, medicine, engineering, and entertainment. The images and videos are compressed, transmitted, captured, and stored in various digital forms, with different types and amounts of impaired artifacts. While in bio-medical applications, speckle noise and coding artifacts are most common, in the entertainment and engineering applications, the digital coding and transmission artifacts are considered as dominant. Furthermore, each of the emerging applications and technologies has introduced different kinds of specific, correlated/structured distortions. The removal of such distortions, ie, denoising, has not sufficiently been investigated and needs to be further explored. This is especially true having in mind consistent growth of new emerging digital multimedia applications and services.This Special Issue is dedicated to novel image and video quality assessment and improvement techniques and systems which are aimed for currently challenging applications in which the visual quality is critical. Thirteen outstanding research articles, regarding this topic, are published in this issue and cover four important topics: