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Human inspired auditory source localization

Publication by Sylvia Kümmel, Eric Haschke, Thorsten Herfet
Published in tc, 2009


This paper describes an approach for the localization of a sound source in the complete azimuth plane of an auditory scene using a movable human dummy head. A new localization approach which assumes that the sources are positioned on a circle around the listener is introduced and performs better than standard approaches for humanoid source localization like the Woodworth formula and the Freefield formula. Furthermore a localization approach based on approximated HRTFs is introduced and evaluated. Iterative variants of the algorithms enhance the localization accuracy and resolve specific localization ambiguities. In this way a localization blur of approximately three degrees is achieved which is comparable to the human localization blur. A front-back confusion allows a reliable localization of the sources in the whole azimuth plane in up to 98.43% of the cases.