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X-Leep: Leveraging cross-layer pacing for energy-efficient edge systems

Publication by Stefan Reif, Benedict Herzog, Pablo Gil Pereira, Andreas Schmidt, Tobias Büttner, Timo Hönig, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, Thorsten Herfet
Related to the Energy-, Latency- And Resilience-aware Networking (e.LARN) project
Published in Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems, 2020


Edge systems enable large numbers of embedded nodes to communicate in order to cooperate towards achieving a shared goal. However, such systems operate under both timeliness and energy-efficiency constraints. This paper proposes X-Leep, a run-time system that detects the pace of the system, supporting Internet-of-Things and Edge scenarios. X-Leep adapts the local processing speed accordingly, considering time-related and energy-related constraints. Our evaluation shows that X-Leep increases energy efficiency compared to state of the art with only a minor effect on the quality of service.