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Performance analysis of OMP-based channel estimations in mobile OFDM systems

Publication by Guoping Tan, Bingyang Wu, Thorsten Herfet
Published in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2018


To analyze the performance of orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP)-based compressed channel estimation (CCE) with deterministic pilot patterns, we propose a mathematical framework by defining four normalized mean square errors (NMSEs): the total NMSE (NMSET), the NMSE on dominant channel components (NMSED), the NMSE caused by “lost errors” (NMSEL), and the NMSE caused by “false alarms” (NMSEF). Then, we derive a formula with a closed form for evaluating the upper bound of NMSED in the ideal case (NMSED,UB). Using the proposed analytical framework, the main findings include: 1) the NMSED,UB is determined by the following four parameters: the deterministic pilot pattern, the maximum Doppler shift, the number of dominant multipath components, and the SNR; 2) the NMSED,UB can be viewed as an approximation of practical NMSET in the case that the probability of the successes of OMP exceeds a certain threshold, in which both NMSEL and NMSEF are neglectable; and 3) using linear regression models, the practical bit-error-rate performance also can be predicted well based on the proposed NMSED,UB. We believe that the proposed framework provides a useful tool for adaptively optimizing pilot parameters according to rapidly time-varying channel conditions when using OMP-based CCEs in mobile OFDM systems.