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Uplink Transmission Probability Functions for LoRa-Based Direct-to-Satellite IoT: A Case Study

Publication by Kai Vogelgesang, Juan A. Fraire, Holger Hermanns
Published in IEEE GLOBECOM 2021, 2021


Direct-to-Satellite IoT allows devices on the Earth surface to directly reach Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites passing over them. Although an appealing approach towards a truly global IoT vision, scalability issues as well as highly dynamic topologies ask for dedicated protocol adaptations supported by novel models. This paper contributes to this research by introducing estimators and a transmission probability function to dynamically control the contending set of devices on a framed slotted Aloha model compatible with the LoRaWAN specification. In particular, we discuss techniques that account for particularities in the dynamics of sparse DtS-IoT constellations. Simulation analyses of a realistic case study show that >86% of the theoretical throughput is achievable in practice.