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Running Theses #

Finished Theses #

2023 #

2022 #

2021 #

Low-Level Design of Energie-Efficient HARQ at the Transport Layer

Mikolai-Alexander Gütschow
Bachelor’s Thesis

Operation and Demonstration of a 5G Testbed

Fabian Jung
Bachelor’s Thesis

2020 #

Deep Adaptive Hybrid Error Coding

Ashkan Taslimi Baboli
Master’s Thesis

5D Light Field Sampling

Ran Li
Master’s Thesis

2019 #

2018 #

2017 #

NEAT - Network Experiment Automation Tool

Philipp Tennigkeit
Project Thesis

2016 #

Throughput Estimation in Software-Defined Networks

Philipp Tennigkeit
Bachelor’s Thesis

A fast H.264/MVC Transcoder

Kim Hao Josef Nguyen
Bachelor’s Thesis

Virtualization of Video Streaming Functions

Birhan Tadele Teklehaimanot
Master’s Thesis

2015 #

Infrared-Aided Superpixel Segmentation

Harini Hariharan
Master’s Thesis

2014 #

Optimized Bandwidth Estimation For Dynamic Video Streaming

Solomon Teklehaimanot Mawcha
Master’s Thesis

2013 #

Hybrid Model Based Coding Enhancement for MPEG

Sukhpreet K. Khangura
Master’s Thesis

Optimized Implementation of an MVC decoder

Jochen Britz
Master’s Thesis

Multipath Adaptive Video Streaming over Multipath TCP

Yashavanth Puttaswamy Gowda Chowrikoppalu
Master’s Thesis

2012 #

2011 #

2010 #

2009 #

Voice-Modeling based ona given F0-track

Stefan Densow
Bachelor’s Thesis

2008 #

Binaural Tracking of Moving Sound Sources

Janosch Offenberg
Bachelor’s Thesis

2007 #

A DVB-S UPnP AV MediaServer

Michael Becker
Diploma Thesis

Binaurale Separatio akustischer Quellen

Andreas Neufang
Diploma Thesis

2006 #

2005 #